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It Is Time To Share Your Awesomeness With The World!

Confidence Coaching and Content Writing Services For Awesome People.


"Let us help you confidently create and deliver awesome content that attracts new clients and opportunities."

Harnessing The Power Of

Confidence and Awesomeness!


Hi everyone, My name is Ashley and I am a Confidence Coach and Copywriter based in Royal Leamington Spa, UK. Using the power of the internet and coffee, I can support small business owners and professionals all over the world.


I believe that we are all AWESOME and have amazing gifts to share with the world. Unfortunately, confidence and all the white noise of gurus often gets in the way and many people stay in the shadows. As you are here, I am hoping that you are ready to change that narrative!


From idea machine to creative genius to confidence-boosting coach, I would love to help bring your vision to life! Let’s have a virtual coffee and let the awesomeness begin!

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Do you find it hard to talk in front of people, write content or record videos for your business?

When you are confident in yourself and your message your audience will pay attention. Throw in your passion and personality and the possibilities are limitless.


However, the inner critic, imposter syndrome, fears, doubts and a lack of time can stop us from taking action, getting new clients and opportunities.


Well, let’s stop that TODAY!


Because YOU are AWESOME and have so much awesomeness to share with the world.

Ready to get to work?

How can we help you?

At LoudlyProudly, we understand that a lack of confidence and time can stop you from achieving your goals.


That is why we are here to support you every step of the way with our range of confidence coaching programs and done for you copywriting services.


Whether you are looking for a short-term confidence boost or longer-term support, I’ll be on hand to help you bring your vision to life and reach your goals.

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Some of the ways we can help you include:

Videos - Presentations, Social Media, Webinars, Courses, Online Training


Communication - Presentations, Interviews, Speeches, Sales Pitches


Content - Social Media Posts, Website Copy, Blogs, Newsletters, Press Releases

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Our Services



Our one-to-one Video Coaching programs are tailored to your individual needs and will help you


•      Smash through confidence-sapping blocks

•      Build confidence on video 

•      Create and deliver powerful messages

•      Reach your personal and business goals.

Find out more


Content Creation

If you want to focus on your zone of genius or simply don’t have the time to create content, then we offer a full range of copywriting and content creation services.


You tell us what you need, and we will send loads of awesome copy your way.

Find out more

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What Our Awesome Clients Say:

“Ashley is super creative, awesome with words and a lot of fun to work with too! He does the research, listens patiently and then magically manages to drill everything down to a relevant and great written copy, that reflects your business and your voice perfectly! If you are looking for help with writing and/or video content - do not look any further - Ashley - Master of Awesomeness is the real deal!!"

Kerstin Greunling

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Get in Touch!

Ready to get started? Then let’s book a virtual coffee and a chat so I can get to know about you, your business and the help you need. From there, I will offer the solution best suited to your needs.


And, that is when the awesomeness begins!

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