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Highlighting Your Awesomeness Online and Offline

In many cultures, we are not encouraged to celebrate our wins. We are meant to march on quietly because celebrating our successes in public would be seen as boastful or arrogant. Well, I am calling BS on that!

You have worked hard to get the results. You have changed the game for your client, customers, colleagues, or friends. Why would you not shout that from the rooftops?

You are AWESOME so let the world know. Here is how…

Showcasing Your Strengths Is Not Boasting

We all have unique strengths, skills, knowledge, and experience. But, your people won't know about them if you don't let them know. That is why social media and the internet is such a powerful resource.

You have invested in your skills to make yourself an expert in your field. You have knowledge that could make a massive difference to your clients. So, let the world know!

People want to know who they will work with, so it is vital to build trust with your audience.

Demonstrating your expertise is one way to do this. You can use your knowledge and skills on social media to create valuable tips and hacks that can make a difference to your audience today.

You can also create content that highlights how you have supported your clients in the past.

What Impact Did You Have?

Being able to highlight your impact is a useful skill, whether you are a business owner looking for new clients or a professional going through an interview process.

We often tend to underestimate our impact, so it always makes sense to reflect on the results your clients have achieved from working with you.

Think about how your actions, content, or work impacted those around you.

  • When did you make someone's life easier?

  • When did you find a solution to a problem causing someone a headache?

Whether this impact was big or small in your eyes, it had a positive result in the eyes of the people you helped. Try looking at it from that perspective and remember that small or simple for you can be life-changing for someone else.

And you can share this on social media in the form of case studies or testimonials. Again this helps to build up trust with your audience.

Testimonials and Recommendations

It amazes me that many business owners don't ask for a testimonial or recommendation from their existing or past clients. And, I'll admit that I was guilty of that in the past. It felt a bit cringeworthy. But why?

You worked with someone, and they were over the moon with the results. I'm sure you feel proud as well. So, let people know!

Social proof is an integral part of the online space. When prospective clients check you out, they will look at your recommendations and testimonials as part of their research. They will want to know that you have results before investing in your offers.

Creating posts using recommendations is a powerful way to demonstrate your awesomeness.

Think of these three questions

  • what problem did your client have before they started working with you?

  • what changed while they were working with you?

  • what was the end result?

As you create a post, use the first question to set the scene and then embed details of the transformation and result throughout your post. This will have much more impact than simply posting a screenshot of a testimonial.

Don't Follow The Crowd

Every day I see posts about all the things you should be doing to promote your business, get more clients, and be happier. All these things combine to make people feel inadequate and that they need to do more or find the latest magic bullet that will bring instant success!

In all situations, I offer these words to you…STAY IN YOUR LANE

Always choose the path or action that most clearly aligns with your values and will get you closer to your final destination. Sure, your way may take longer, but if you are doing what works for you, it will be authentic, there will be less resistance, and you'll have a lot more fun.

Shoulders Back, Let's Pitch

If you do any form of networking or get introduced to a new circle of people, you will be asked what you do at some point. Own it!

Think about how much you help people, how you love getting results and how far you have come on your journey. Tap into your passion for what you do, shoulders back, stand upright and let the world know how awesome you are.

Don't waffle; get to the point. Tell them what you do and the way you help your people get a result. As your passion comes to the surface, you will come across much more confidently, creating an awesome impression.

Let's Get Social

If you have a business, there is a high likelihood that you are using social media to promote your business. The good news is that you have a blank canvas, so you can do what you like with it. My advice would be to create a feed that genuinely reflects who you are and your values.

It is easy to follow the crowd and create an online avatar that is all singing and dancing, but eventually, you will get on calls with people. And, if you turn out to be completely different in 'real life,' this will cause a huge disconnect, and they are unlikely to work with you.

You don't have to be loud and brash to stand out, although if that is how you naturally are, go for your life.

Aim to be authentic, share information and posts that add value, and do what works best for you. People appreciate the authenticity and will be likelier to reach out to you if they think you'll get it.

And, Now The End of This Blog Is Near

Whatever you are doing next in your life, always remind yourself that you are awesome.

You have the skills and knowledge to make a difference and positively impact the people around you. Cheer yourself every step of the way because you are awesome, and you have got this.

And, if you need some support to start building up some momentum and confidence in telling the world how awesome you are, send me a message to schedule a virtual coffee and a chat.

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