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Slaying The Imposter and Smashing Through Walls

The stories that we tell ourselves can stop us from taking action. Stop us from sharing our knowledge and offers with people who would benefit from it. There are several reasons why this happens.

This post will look at ways you can change the script and become your number one cheerleader. In the process, we will slay the imposter syndrome and transform doubts into over-wavering self-belief!

Imposter Syndrome

Problem: In a world of experts and gurus, people question their competence. Questions such as "will anyone ever pay me for my services?" and a sinking feeling that other people might call you out if you post tips or offers online. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Imposter Syndrome!


Go and look at your recommendations, reviews and comments that former clients and people you respect have said about you. Take the time to look at these comments and give yourself some credit for knowing your shit! Then take a moment to look at the results you and your clients have achieved. That's the reality!

Speak up and share your knowledge. Remember that what is simple or boring for you can be a game-changer for someone else!

I Don't Know What To Post So I'll Put That Task Off For Another Month

Problem: Thinking you have to reinvent the wheel or create awesome value every single time is a massive block for creating content. If you are a social media lurker, you may question whether you have any value to share with the world. But, you persist and decide to write a post. You open a document and spend three hours staring at a blank screen, getting frustrated at your lack of creativity.


STOP! Before you throw the computer out of the window, take a moment and try this technique instead.

Write down a list of ways that you help people in your business.

For each item, write down at least one common problem that your clients have in this area and a solution to this problem. Then think of an example of a client success story or breakthrough for each item.

You now have the starting point for loads of content. You can use this technique to highlight your strengths, offers, and social proof posts.

NOTE: Don't focus on creating the perfect post. Focus more on your message and make sure that you talk to the people

Will Anyone Engage With My Posts?

Problem: A fear of judgment or a getting no response stops many people from pressing the post button.

When people start posting, they worry about the vanity metrics on social media: the likes and views. While these can be useful for testing different types of content, it is not helpful when people attach their self-worth to them.

Many people say or write that they worry that no one will engage with their content.


Social media is a slow burn, and it takes time to build an audience.

You will get very little engagement when you start posting because people don't know you yet! If you are consistent and keep showing up, this will soon change.

Just stay focused on your message and have a clear idea of who you are speaking to. Stay consistent and resist the temptation to give up after one post.

Remember that you have value to add and that if you have an impact on one person, that is something to be proud of.

What About The Nasty Trolls?

Problem: Trolls are sadly a part of the social media world, and they can be a real pain in the ass if you let them! Don't give them the power and focus on speaking to your people.


If they have been rude or inappropriate, call them out, block them or report them to the social media company. But, if they are trying to get a reaction, send them on their way with a smile. I respond with, "Thanks for your support, and have a great day." They soon lose interest!

Focus on speaking to your people! Send your messages out into the world with love, and it will start attracting more of your people.

My Writing Sucks

Problem: Many people think you need some special copywriting skills to succeed on social media. Others feel because they struggled in English at school, they'll never be able to write an engaging post on social media.


First things first, school was many years ago, so it is time to take away the power from the bullies and that aggro teacher.

You don't need to be an expert writer to connect with people on social. You need your passion and a message. Keep it simple; less is more.

Make sure your posts talk to specific people and have a clear message.

Start with a question or statement to encourage people to read on. Then share your message, tip, hack or offer in as few words as possible.

Finish with a Call To Action - What do you want your audience to do after reading your post? Comment, Follow or Book a call.

I Hate How I Look On Camera

Problem: Many people feel uncomfortable on camera. They notice things about their face and hair that can distract them. What you see on the camera can distract and make you shy away from the camera.

This issue stops business owners from recording videos and making excuses not to turn the camera on in Zoomland. But, I guarantee that your audience isn't focusing on what you are telling yourself. They probably don't even notice it.


Your face, hair, and body are all parts of what makes you the AWESOME person you are!

Every day, take a moment to smile to yourself and say thank you when you catch your reflection in the mirror. It feels good and gives you a nice positivity boost.

Now, you are ready to say hello to the world. Remember that YOUR MESSAGE is the most important thing to your audience, so go and share your expertise with the world.

It's Time To Shout "I'm Awesome" From The Rooftops

Now that we have ninja kicked the imposter and silenced the mind monkeys, it is time to tell the world how awesome you are LOUDLY and PROUDLY.

Be your number one cheerleader, remind yourself about your strengths every day, and share your successes.

Let people know that you are there and ready to support your people.

You've got this!

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