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The Things You Really Need To Record Your First Video

Unleash Your Inner Video Star: Crush Camera Fears and Start Sharing Your Awesome Messages With The World

So, you've got this brilliant idea buzzing in your head, and you're all set to share it with the world. You are ready to do your first awesome video! You're excited, but there's that nagging feeling – what about the gear? The lights? The technicalities? And, you start worrying about how you look and sound...and all of a sudden the phone starts looking at you as if you are an alien!

Before you send that amazing video idea onto tomorrow's to-do list for eternity and beyond, have a read of this blog post that send your worries to Room 101 and arms you with all the essentials to create a jaw-dropping first video that'll leave your audience wanting more. Let's dive in!

1. Authenticity Over Equipment Overload

You've seen those glossy setups and the fancy cameras, but here's the truth: you don't need them. Authenticity trumps all. Be you. Speak your message. Your audience craves connection, not the latest gadgetry.

Focus more on your message and deliver that in a way that feels YOU!

Imagine we were talking on a call or a face to face meeting...How would you deliver the message if you knew it was gonna help me?

Close your eyes and visualise that - how does it feel?

Now - get out the camera and deliver it as if I am (or your future client) there with you in the room

I dive deeper into this in this episode of my podcast!

2. Smartphone Sorcery: Your Pocket's Powerhouse

No need to break the bank on a high-end camera. Your smartphone is your secret weapon. From capturing crisp visuals to stunning audio, it's your all-in-one content creation studio. Embrace the magic in your pocket.

No need to download fancy recording apps - you have all you need right now.

Go to the camera play, select video and press record!


3. Lighting: Keep It Simple

We want to see your face on the small screens so you need to get the lighting right. Hold your horses...before you go off and buy lighting rigs! All you need is your window to start with. Natural light for the win!

Stand at a 45 degree angle to the window and we'll be able to see your face as you share your awesome messages!

Working in a cave? No problemo - grab yourself a ring light from Amazon or your nearest dollar/pound store! They cost next to nothing and illuminate you in all seasons!

4. Let Inspiration Come Out To Play: Anywhere!

Whether you are recording in your living room, out on a walk or in your office, you can record whenever inspiration strikes! Your audience cares about whether you can save them time, energy, money, or stress; the last thing they are worrying about is whether your hair is immaculate or that you are recording in Disney Studios.

You have a message bubble up - get out your camera, talk and then post!

Your message is what matters – let it shine.

5. From Fear to Confidence: Pressing Record

Camera anxiety – we've all been there. I know I have! I used to hate public speaking and showing up online was massively triggering for me! But guess what? Pressing that record button is your ticket to empowerment.

I knew that sharing my story, my knowledge and passion to help people overcome the stories they were telling themselves about not being able to do it was more important that the stories my mind monkeys were telling me.

Over time I became more confident on camera and now, I love it and I want you to love it too!

Empower Yourself and Create: Take the Leap!

Recording your first video is about breaking barriers. It's about showcasing your story, your message, and your brilliance. The truth is, you already have what it takes. Your authenticity, smartphone, and your stories – that's all you need.

You are the expert in the room

Speak confidently, maintain eye contact, and show the world your unique perspective. This is your moment to shine.

Now, my friend, it's time for action. Grab that smartphone, think about what your future clients need to hear today, smile, and press record.

Lights, Camera, Awesome!

Your future clients are ready to hear your story...

The stage is yours!

Ready to Dive Deeper? Download My Free Video Guide!

Excited to get started? Dive deeper into the world of video creation with my free guide. Learn actionable tips, step-by-step instructions, so you can show the world who you are in all your awesome glory! Don't let uncertainties hold you back. It's time to tell your story because someone out there needed to hear it yesterday! Click [here] to download your free guide now and step confidently into the world of video content creation!

The world will thank you for it!

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