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Everyone says you need to   Be On Video!

But being on video sounds like capital punishment.


What if you knew what to post and when to post it - and you had the confidence actually to do it?

It’d feel a bit different, wouldn’t it?

That’s what I can help you do.


And I guarantee you’ll feel amazing, put yourself out there, and have the confidence you deserve to grow your business!



Who am I?

Fear of tumbleweed, not being seen, face planting myself in public and feeling awkward on camera…


Yeah! Been there, overcome it.


You can too!


My name is Ash. I am on a mission to help people improve confidence in all aspects of their lives - starting with video.

If you’d like to find out more about me (after all this is about you), book a confidence call.

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Am I Any Good At This?

Here's What My Awesome Clients Say about that:

“I loved working with Ashley and would certainly recommend joining his sessions. Ashley helps you remove all fear of “being seen” and guides you step by step to feeling comfortable doing recorded or live presentations. Just go for it!”

Marion Anderson

12 weeks to Awesomeness


Full Payment For 12 Weeks

1:1 Video, Content, and Confidence Coaching Program


  • 90 Minute Kick Off Session To Create A Strategy That Tells Everyone Why You Are The Person They Need To Work With...NOW

  • 11x 60-Minute 1:1 Sessions On Mindset, Strategy, Delivery, and Editing So You Can Create Content That Will Sing Out To Your Ideal Client 

  • Content Mapping So You Never Run Out Of Ideas For Social Media Posts

  • Weekly Tasks So You Can Confidently Show Up On Social Media

  • Feedback and guidance on all tasks along the way

  • Weekday access to me    

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