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Go From Camera Shy To Video Awesome!


You know you have the power to change the world, right?

Including yours!

Except right now no one knows who you are because you’ve avoided adding videos to your marketing and branding.


You know adding them will help people connect with you faster and easier, resulting in better relationships and sales, but…


You’re not sure what to say, how to say it and feel worried that people will judge you.


It’s a never ending feedback loop from the mind monkeys, resulting in a cringe etched upon your face!


And now you’re worrying about where your next client is going to come from.


Isn’t it time to stop waiting and get your story told, your voice heard, and your offers out to your new clients, the people who need YOU to help them change the world. 

And, video is the tool to help you do it.


Changing the world one person at a time - starting with YOU today!


So, book a 30 minute Video Strategy Call with me.


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Let's Make it happen

Don’t worry, you don’t need…


  • To sing, dance or make a fool of yourself

  • Know how to edit video

  • To have a Hollywood budget

  • Or buy a bunch of special equipment…

Nor spend a ton of time marketing on social media.

I know that right now, you feel a lot of fear and worry about being on camera…and think it’s going to take you loads of time and energy to get your videos out into the world


But that’s what I’m here for.

To help make creating video feel easy by giving you the skills and confidence you need, plus save tons of time so that you can start conversations and build trust with your future clients. 


Because here’s the thing…Videos offer a view of who you are, your personality, and what it’s like to work with you.


As your clients get to see and hear you, they learn why you are the best person to help them. 


So, before you get out the credit card to buy a Hollywood studio or get acting classes… 


Book a 30 minute Video Strategy Call with me.


We’ll explore how you can start using videos in your business and build the confidence to press the record button without fear.

Here’s what happens when you have more video confidence?


You’ll find it easier to connect with your dream clients using…

  • Videos you enjoyed making

  • And had fun creating

  • That showcase your personality

  • Building trust


Leaving your clients feeling like they know you BEFORE you get on a call.

And you created them all without…


  • Freezing up

  • Feeling awkward

  • Doing 574 takes for a one minute video

  • Or acting more like a robot than a human being


Instead, say hello to videos that are infused with confidence and clients asking ‘where do I sign up?’.


All that is exactly what you get after working with me for 3 months. 


No more cringe, saved time, and loads more fun and impact.


So, are you in?

Book a 30 minute Video Strategy Call with me.


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Hey, I'm Ash

Your mindset guide and video expert for the next 3 months.

I understand how you’re feeling because I’ve been there.


Fear of tumbleweed, not being seen, face planting myself in public and feeling awkward on camera…


But I overcame those fears.


You can too!


And you don’t have to do it alone, because I’m on a mission to help coaches, just like you, share your stories and knowledge.


Because I know you literally have the power to change the world.

What You'll Get While Working With Me

Get Awesome On Video Program

1:1 Video, Content, and Confidence Coaching Program


  • 90 minute kick off session to create a strategy that shows everyone why you are the person they need to work with...NOW

  • 11x 60-Minute 1:1 Sessions on mindset, strategy, delivery, and editing so you can create content that will sing out to your ideal clientt

  • Content Mapping so you never run out of video ideas for social media posts

  • Bite-sized tasks so you can confidently show up on video and social media

  • Feedback and guidance on all tasks along the way

  • Weekday access to me    

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Am I Any Good At This?

Here's What My Awesome Clients Say about that:

“I loved working with Ashley and would certainly recommend joining his sessions. Ashley helps you remove all fear of “being seen” and guides you step by step to feeling comfortable doing recorded or live presentations. Just go for it!”

Marion Anderson

Let's Get Started

Book a 30 minute Video Strategy Call with me.


Lights! Camera! Awesome!

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