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Harness The Power Of

Is a lack of self-confidence or fear holding you back?
Confidence in Communication Coaching will help you tap into your strengths, knowledge and experience so you can smash through your blocks, say goodbye to fear and say hello to the world


Confidence is your superpower!


When you are confident in your message, in the words that you are using, and you display your passion and personality then awesomeness will happen.


You will speak more powerfully and this will transmit to your audience. They will believe in you, they will trust you and they will be more willing to have conversations. Conversations that could open many doors. New clients, new collaborations, and new opportunities to share your messages with a global audience.


And, that is awesome!


Take a look below at some of the sample services we offer then schedule a virtual chat and a coffee.


What’s Holding You Back?


You are awesome, you have stories to share and a wealth of experience that can make a massive impact on your clients.


So, what is stopping you from taking the next steps?


•      Doubts

•      Fear of Failure and Success

•      Fear of Being Judged

•      Nervous About Speaking In Front Of People

•      Imposter Syndrome

•      Hate How You Look On Camera

•      Don’t Like The Way Your Voice Sounds

•      A Lack of Self-Belief


The good news is that all of these issues can be smashed through. As you start taking action, you will feel more confident and even start having fun.

How we can help you


Here at LoudlyProudly, we offer Confidence and Communication Coaching programs to help you get your ideas out of your head and into the world. Some of the ways we have helped our clients reach their goals in the past include:


•      Video Content For Social Media

•      Online Training

•      Course Creation

•      Webinars

•      Presentations

•      Public Speaking Engagements

•      Interviews


We will work closely together to identify your blocks and smash through them. As you gain confidence in your delivery, you will start having more fun and that is when your creativity will start to thrive. You will find your groove and start delivering messages that sing to your audience.

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Confidence Coaching - How It Works


Each coaching program is designed to help you hone your messages, gain clarity, improve your delivery and gain the confidence to JFDI!


Focus - Goal Setting


We will determine exactly where you want to get and the most effective way to get there.


Delivery - Daily and Weekly Tasks


Confidence comes from consistent actions so each week you will have a task to complete that bring you closer to your goals. We will be with you every step of the way with feedback and support.


Analysis - Weekly Calls and Feedback


We will review your progress every week and put the next steps of your plan into action.


Smash It - Confidently Take Action


Now the foundations are laid, it is time for you to tell the world how awesome you are LOUDLY and PROUDLY

Confidence and Communication Coaching Programs


Our one-to-one communication coaching programs will give you lots of opportunities to find what works best for you, get constructive and actionable feedback, and take action.


Each program is tailored to your own unique needs and delivered in one-to-one sessions online.


Here is a sample of our most popular packages:

Awesome Hour
Video Clinics

The perfect place to brainstorm ideas, craft a script, or work on your delivery.


•      60min Coaching Call

•      A space to brainstorm ideas and practice your delivery

•      A recorded session to download and refer to for eternity

•      Feedback on the content you create before you press post


Video Content & Strategy

A highly focused coaching package to help you create a video content strategy that works for you and brings your personality to life on social media feeds around the world.


  •   90-Minute Strategy Call  

  • 9x 60 Minute Coaching Calls To Focus on agreed outcomes

  •  Weekly Tasks

  •  Feedback on each task

  • Support and feedback available during business hours Monday to Friday via WhatsApp or email


12 weeks to Awesomness

Our signature program is ideal for business owners looking to build up their confidence at creating both written and video content so they can increase their online visibility.


•      12 weekly coaching calls

•      SWOT analysis and business scan

•      Weekly tasks and accountability

•      Content planning and delivery

•      Feedback on your drafts and videos

•      Content mapping for the weeks/months/years to come.

•      Support and feedback available during business hours Monday to Friday via WhatsApp or email


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What Our Awesome Clients Say:

“I loved working with Ashley and would certainly recommend joining his sessions. Ashley helps you remove all fear of “being seen” and guides you step by step to feeling comfortable doing recorded or live presentations. Just go for it!”

Marion Anderson

Let's get started!

Ready to harness the power of your confidence, smash through your blocks and share your awesomeness with the world? Then let’s set up a virtual chat and coffee!


We can get clear on your vision and put a plan into place to let the world know all about it!

*Tea, water and something stronger works depending on the time of the day!

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