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15 Video Content Ideas To Use Today

Have you ever said that you have no idea what to talk about in your videos? Of course, you have! That is because you probably overcomplicate things. Thinking you have to reinvent the wheel every time you post.

Or you may have an idea, but feel that everything has to be perfect before you put it out into the world.

Video Structure

When you start mapping out your video, use this structure to help keep things short and concise.

Hook - Think of a question or statement that will resonate with your potential clients. Something that will stop the scroll. For example, How to 10x the views of your Instagram Reels.

Main Content - This is where you reveal the tips and tricks that will add value for your audience. Get straight to the point here.

Call to Action - End your video by telling your viewers what to do next. Ask a question or tell people how to get in touch with you.

Now, we have got that out of the way, here are 15 ideas for video content that you can use right now.

1. Share a simple, actionable tip

This is one of the greatest ways to create a whole series of videos. Think about things that people can do right now. For example, I did a video on how to add clickable links to videos on LinkedIn. I have seen mindfulness coaches do breathing exercises and teachers give exam technique tips.

Remember that simple to you can be life-changing to others, so post away.

2. Introduce yourself - Who are you? What do you do? Who do you help? How do I get in touch?

This is usually the first video that people make and it is an important one! It lets your community hear your voice and see what you are all about.

Keep it short and simple, there is no need to tell people your life story!

"Hi, I'm Ash and I love watching business owners confidently create and deliver awesome video content that connects them with more of the people they would love to work with! Does this sound like you? Then I would love to talk to you about how video coaching can help you get more eyeballs on your business. I offer 10000000% tailored coaching programs that take you from you are to where you want to be. Ready to start recording videos? Send me a DM to organise a coffee and a chat!"

And, most importantly make it about your target audience as quickly as possible so they can start to think that you are the person they are looking for.

3. Two Truths and a lie

Who said that business had to be boring? This is a great post to have some fun and showcase your personality.

You can talk about events from your past, quirks, claims to fame, or things directly related to your work.

Start and end with a question...

Hook: Can you guess which is the lie?

CTA: Want to play along? Tell me two truths and a lie about you

4. Behind the scenes post - What are you working on right now?

This is a great way to show people what it is like to work with you or the types of projects that get you excited.

For example, if you are an editor, you could film a video while you are sitting at your desk and talk about how you approach the editing process. You could even add some tips or suggestions on how your method helps save time and reach deadlines quickly.

5. Burst a myth in your industry

Think about things that you often hear about your industry that are common misconceptions. What things do you hear from prospective clients that aren't true or surprise you when you hear them?

In video coaching, people think that they need expensive equipment to record impactful videos. The truth is all you need is a smartphone, a message and you to get started.

6. Benefits of your offer

Many people focus on the features of their offer and often leave out what the benefits are for potential clients. Therefore use your videos to highlight the benefits of your products or services. Let people know what will happen to them if they choose to work with you.

Make a list of your features and the direct benefits that people will get from them. Think of emotions, feelings, and goals.

For example, if you are a mindset coach you could focus on the transformation that takes place during your program

"As you clear your limiting beliefs you will gain more confidence which means you will stop procrastinating and take action that takes you closer to your dreams."

or if you are a personal trainer

"When you start actioning the steps of your personal plan you will start feeling more energised, sleep better, and have less stress"

You could also do this as a client case study.

7. Client case study

This type of video demonstrates the results your clients get when they work with you. Focus on where the client was when they came to you, the process that led to a transformation, and what was the end result. Let's take a business coach as an example,

"From broke to fully booked in 30 days! When Anna joined the program, she was struggling to get leads and was in a feast-or-famine sales cycle. After we identified her mindset blocks, we got to work on creating a new signature offer and a robust plan to generate more of her dream clients. Within the first month of the 90-day program, Anna was already fully booked and charging double what she was. Want to start working with more of your dream clients, then DM me today to talk about the 90-day business growth program"

I added a hook and a CTA to show a very short script. Adding images would make this video even more powerful.

Another option here is to get your clients to do short testimonials or record an online chat of you talking together about the results.

8. A Story about how you started doing your job

Stories have the power to connect us. It also gives people an opportunity to learn more about what makes you tick, which helps to build trust.

Think about what led up to you starting your job - was it something that you always wanted to do or did you stumble upon it by accident? Did you go through some adversity and decide to help other people going through similar situations? As you go through the story, think about the ways it could connect to other people, and make sure that you finish with a question.

For example,

"How did you start doing what you are doing? Here's what happened to me. Most of my working life, I have been in front of people. So, when lockdown came, I was like a lost sheep. No one to talk to or entertain! So, one day I decided to set up the camera and post a video on LinkedIn. I then committed to doing it every week and then people started asking me, how to create videos or get confident on camera. And, my new business was born! A happy accident, but it is exactly where I need to be right now. How about you? Are you doing something you always planned to do or was it all a happy accident?

9. Weekend - what do you do for fun?

Social media is just! People buy from people and love to get to know more about the person behind the business.

You can literally post about anything here - your hobbies, places you go walking, your exercise habits, your latest book, or weekend trips.

Whatever subjects you choose to talk about, remember to ask a question at the end to get people in your community to engage.

10. Solve a common problem that you hear from your clients or on discovery calls

Use your videos to help solve problems and give people lightbulb moments. This will establish you as an authority on the subject and build trust with your community.

For example, career coaches often hear that clients aren't getting any responses from their job applications. What things could they be doing to improve their chances of getting an interview? Could they be looking elsewhere?

11. Share apps or tools that can help your potential clients

This is a great topic for videos in any industry. You can share ways to make life easier for people in your community.

In video coaching, apps like Capcut and Inshot are great ways to edit and add subtitles. For virtual assistants and designers, you could show some tricks for using Canva to create social media posts and videos.

Short tutorials are a simple way to add massive value to your audience. And, if you are not feeling confident on camera yet, you can do the video as a screen share with a voiceover.

12. Success Story

Many people hold back on this one because they feel that they may be seen as boastful. My advice is if it is important to you, then share it!

I invite you to shout your success stories from the rooftops.

They can be things you have done in your business, your personal life, or share success stories from clients or people in your life.

Here are some questions to get you started.

What steps did you take? Did you overcome adversity? How did you feel? What was the result? What happened next? What does this say about you?

Why is it important for your audience to know this? Will it inspire others to take action or does it demonstrate the types of results people get from working with you?

13. The Biggest lesson you learned from ___________

There are so many possible ways you could use this format. You could focus on your professional career, training, something that has happened in your personal life, or anecdotes from working with clients.

Again make sure that it is something that will resonate with people in your niche and provide a clear message on what happened as a result of learning this lesson.

14. Mistakes to avoid

You have a wealth of experience in your field and you have also learned from your mistakes to get to the position you are in now. Sharing this knowledge can be a game-changer for new business owners or people not familiar with specific tasks.

As a business owner, you can share mistakes that made when you started out so others don't have to make them. Things like, saying YES to everything, and NOT asking for help.

Marketing experts can share mistakes people make with their marketing and what they can do to avoid them. For example, not having content pillars or posting and ghosting.

Lean into your knowledge and remember that simple for you could be life-changing for someone else.

15. Explore current news or trend in your industry

This is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and let people know about things that are currently happening. For example, if you are a social media manager, you could tell people about changes to algorithms and the type of content that currently performs well.

If you are a finance manager or accountant, talk about how the latest government budgets will impact people or businesses and how they can save money.

Now It Is Time To Get Recording

And, there you go! two weeks of content ideas ready for you to start recording.

Let your imagination come out to play, press record, and then post it.

Lights, Camera, Awesome!

Download everything you need to create your first video here.

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