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How To Look and Sound More Confident On Video

A lady recording a video on phone

How do you feel when you see or hear yourself on camera?

For most of us it is a cringefest! I know the first time I heard my voice played back, I thought I sounded like a zombie and wondered whether everyone was falling asleep or something! Yet, the things we are obsessing over are the things no one else pays attention to!

Whether you're a coach or a business owner, embracing your voice and appearance on video is essential for effective marketing. So, let's dive straight into the reasons behind why you are saying you hate how you look and sound on camera, and ways to get past that so you can confidently show on video as the bad ass business owner that you are!

Why Do We Dislike How We Sound on Camera?

The moment you hit record, do you suddenly cringe at the sound of your own voice? You're not alone. This self-judgment is a common experience, stemming from the way you perceive your voice.

When you speak, your voice resonates through your bones and tissues, creating a distinct internal perception. But when you hear your recorded voice, it's from an external source. The discrepancy between these internal and external perceptions can be unsettling. That is when you start questioning, do I really sound like? It can cause a disconnection and a whole lot of judgement!

Then there are the echoes from the past! The person who said you had squeaky voice when you were a kid. The laughter when you attempted public speaking in the past. The sound of the bully mocking you. The unhelpful comment from an adult when you sung in the past.

These echoes from the past continue to play havoc unless you let them go and create a new narrative based on who you are now and the fact that you have something that people really want to hear.

I'll share some ways to start loving your voice on camera later on.

Think of your voice as a tool that has the power to connect, convey information, and change lives. As you embrace the reality of how you sound, you'll begin to let go of the judgement.

And, Do I Really Look Like That?

How many people do you know that say they hate having their picture taken or get super critical about how they look on a video? Do you do that to yourself?

Just like with your voice, your perception of your appearance is skewed by familiarity. You're used to seeing yourself in the mirror, and your brain has adapted to this familiar image. But when you see a video of yourself, it's like encountering a stranger. The mirror presents a reversed image, while the camera reflects how others see you. This slight change in perspective can trigger discomfort, leading to negative self-evaluation.

This is something called 'Mere Exposure Effect' and it can drive you up the wall as you start thinking that the way you look and sound is different to how you perceive yourself!

The moment that you start taking notice, you can then fall victim to two big saboteurs that will start screaming very loudly every time you think about posting a selfie or recording a video.

Comparisonitis and Confirmation Bias: Noisy Saboteurs

Comparisonitis creeps in as you scroll through social media and compare yourself to others. You think that people speak so much more clearly, that they are more confident and look so good on camera! There is no way that I can compete with them so I won't even try!

It is a big block to smash through, but let's say that you do...and you create a video for the first time. As you watch it back you start cringing and the mere exposure effect kicks in - do I really look and sound like that? You start judging the smallest details about your appearance, accent and way you say things!

When you take that energy into the recording of a video, confirmation bias will start kicking in. Confirmation bias reinforces your doubts, as you unconsciously seek evidence to confirm your negative beliefs about your appearance. It's a vicious cycle that can hinder your self-confidence and stop you from showing up!

Practical Tips for Embracing Your Authentic Presence On Camera

A young lady recoding a video on her phone

To kick off this section, I am going to use this amazing quote by Oprah Winfrey:

"Finding your voice means finding the courage to express who you truly are." Oprah Winfrey

Each time you you show up and speak on camera, know that you're sharing your knowledge, making an impact, and leaving a lasting impression. And, the more that you do it, the more confident you will become.

You'll learn to love your accent and voice! You'll learn to find your video style and start connecting with your people in a much more meaningful way.

Here are five tips on how to start feeling more confident on camera.

Tip 1: Embrace Your Positives

Before hitting that record button, focus on what makes you awesome! Consider what qualities people appreciate about you and your personality. Create a list, read it aloud before your record, and let that positivity shine through. Remember, these qualities are what uplift and resonate with your audience, enabling them to progress in their journey.

Tip 2: Channel Your Value

Shift your attention from self-consciousness to the value you offer. Visualize your audience's reactions when they receive the information you're sharing. Imagine the light bulbs going off in their minds, the relief and excitement they experience. Feel their positive energy fuel your confidence. Remember, you're making a significant impact.

Tip 3: One Take and Done

Treat your recording like a live session. Set the stage, start recording, share your message and then post it out with love. Imagine that there is a specific person watching - an ideal client, a friend, even your past self! Let your passion and personality out to play...and let your audience hear your message instead of letting your mind monkeys say it isn't good enough.

Once done, stop recording, add captions, and share your video. Release the need for perfection and overthinking—your message is out there, making a difference.

Tip 4: Be Your Own Best Friend

You hear the way you are speaking to yourself...would you say these things to a good friend in the same situation? Of course, not! Think about what things you would say to them and apply that same kindness and support to yourself. Be your inner cheerleader! You're doing something incredible. Believe it!

Tip 5: Seek Support

If it feels overwhelming, reach out for help. A friend, colleague, or coach can guide you through the journey (I know someone that loves doing that!). Whether it's about recording videos, public speaking, interviews, or any situation where you're stepping out of your comfort zone, having a supportive presence can make a significant difference. They can prepare you, ask the right questions, and offer encouragement, helping you navigate through your discomfort.

Take The First Steps Today

Confidence on camera is a journey, not a destination. With each recording, each live session, and each step outside your comfort zone, you're building a stronger foundation of self-assurance.

By applying these practical tips, you'll find yourself gradually embracing your authentic voice and presence on camera. As you continue to share your insights and connect with your audience, you'll uncover the reality: people are eager to hear you and see you deliver your awesome messages.

And, as your confidence increases, you will become their only choice when they are ready to get to work!

So, go ahead, press record, and share your awesomeness with the world.

Lights! Camera! Awesome!

The Stage Is Yours


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