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To Script Or Not To Script...That Is The Question?

“I have no idea what to talk about!” is a common reason that people don’t create video content on social media. This combined with feeling awkward on camera means videos stay off the to-do list. Which is a shame because video content is a powerful medium to connect with your audience and let them get to know what you are all about.

If you are ready to start recording you might be debating on how best to approach it. Scripting out a video is a great way to get clear on what you want to say. However, the danger is that you over-rehearse and rely too much on the script resulting in a wooden and robotic delivery. This is unlikely to encourage your audience to watch more of your video content.

This post will have a look at the different ways that you can prepare your video in a more engaging and natural way.

Know Your Platform

Video content is a great way to put a face to the brand and build a relationship with your audience. However, not all platforms work the same.

Instagram/TikTok are great for short videos highlighting tips, hacks, news or behind the scenes footage of your business. They are short and sweet, and may not even require you to speak or put your face directly on camera. 15 to 30 seconds is the sweet spot here.

YouTube is where you put your tutorials, brand stories, product launches and longer video content.

LinkedIn is a great place to put a face to the brand and introduce what your company is all about. Product launches, personal stories, tips and behind the scenes footage also works well here. Aim for less than a minute.

The best platform for you will depend on where your target audience hangs out, but it is well worth getting to know the nature of the platform and what type of content will get eyeballs on your business before you start spending hours creating content.

Once you have started the best platform for you, you can start putting together your content.

Keep It Simple

Before we get to the script, there is one thing I want you to remember: Keep It Simple!

Don’t overstuff your video with numerous messages

Before you start planning out your content, write down the main message or objective of the video. Write it in big letters at the top of a page. Then work through the script from there.

One Video = One Message

When it comes to delivery, it is best to treat video content like a conversation! Sure, it can feel weird talking to a camera, but if you imagine you are actually talking to your audience in real life your delivery will be much more engaging. (You can find more tips about engaging and natural delivery here). Here are a few tried and true methods that have improved my video content delivery.

The Post It Note Method

A neat trick is to take a post it note and put a few bullet points featuring keywords of your main points.

When you are ready to record, pop the post it note directly under the camera of your phone or computer screen.

You can use it as a prompt as you are recording.

Au Natural

These days, I don’t script at all! I have a clear idea of the main message I want to share and the action that I want my audience to take. That is it!

I take a few moments before I press record to relax and get in the zone!

During this time, a few thoughts bounce around my head.

Once a smile comes up to the corner of my mouth, I press play!

One Take and Done

There are two big problems with relying on a script: the delivery becomes too wooden and you start searching for perfection!

Have you ever recorded a video and when you play it back, you realised that you forget to say one of your points? If you are nodding your head, did you then spend another hour trying to get a perfect take?

The pain is real! But, here is the thing! Nobody knows your script so they won’t know what you planned to say. That is why I go with the “one take and done” approach and pretend I am talking to a live audience!

I set up the camera, get clear on my message and do one take! Then after some small edits (if needed) I post it straight away!

But, what if I forget to say a point - Watch the video and ask yourself if it makes sense. If the answer is yes, then post it. Then think about the point you missed and think about a way that you can use it to create a new post! Two pieces of content for the price of one! What a result!

Recording a video as if you are going live will help you focus on communicating the message clearly. Give it a go and watch how smoother your delivery becomes. If you don’t believe me, compare it with a scripted take!

Ready To Get Started?

It takes time to find your groove when recording videos and creating content on social media. The more you do it, the more you will gain confidence and your delivery will improve. And, in no time...You'll be a pro!

You've got this!

Want to start feeling more natural on camera? Check out the confidence in communication packages I offer and when you are ready to get started book a virtual coffee and a chat.

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